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The average commercial debtor is more sophisticated in avoiding payment of account receivables than ever before. The same wide dissemination of information access that has allowed an unprecedented growth in business has also provided debtors numerous techniques to avoid debt repayment.
Information technology and globalization has brought many changes to the collection industry as well. While there is more information available to collection agencies to locate your debtors and their assets, the fact is thatmany agencies have moved away from using this sophisticated, but costly technology. However, these agencies have not forsaken globalization. In an effort to maximize profits, even at the expense of collection recovery rates, many collection agencies have stopped hiring experienced, career collectors, replacing them with large call centers, staffed by inexperienced, low paid personnel. In order to keep labor costs ro a minimum, some call centers are actually located in prisons, staffed by inmates. Other callcenters are located in India, and other South Asian countries.
Priority Collections employs only experienced, professional collectors, all of whom have direct access to the most up to date information available. We actively encourage our clients to stay in contact with the collection professional handling each account.

Our professional, uncompromising approach to receivable collections results in our clients enjoying recovery rates almost twice the industry average.

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